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Increasing Demands on Security :

Technology used to be managed mostly in house, now most organizations are paying another company to manage their data with an array of hosted (or Cloud) services. Just because the responsibility of your data’s security has now been shifted to these providers, doesn’t mean the data is secured. External and internal data security breaches occur daily without anyone ever knowing.

Today, as businesses acquire technology, it’s over a hybrid of infrastructure, devices, clouds, and hosted platforms. Even if you have the best policies in place, cross mingling devices, such as crossing an infected home computer with your business phone, can expose secure data and put your business at risk. As data footprints increase, the ability to manage it and secure it requires a comprehensive plan.

A good defense includes a user policy, quality firewall, deleting unneeded data, data destruction, and intrusion/antivirus/malware software. Are the people entrusted with your business’s data doing their job to keep it secure? Data loss, intellectual property loss, recovery, and legal fees can decimate a business’s prosperity. It’s not all about backups, it’s about planning, protection and recovery.

Information Data is our new currency and with no signs of slowing down, data is being generated at an unprecedented rate. Last year in the U.S., 552 million identities were stolen and companies lost over $80 billion due to data security breaches. If you’re in Finance, Healthcare, or work with Public Industries, there is a commitment to protecting personal identifiable information.

Only 10% of I.T. budgets are spent on security and there’s also a price to be paid for overly complex systems. Helping businesses enforce a data security policy can sometimes be a difficult task. The correct solution takes a technology specialist with understanding and vision.

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