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Halo was formed through years of providing technical consultation for Fortune 500 businesses, healthcare, and public utility industries.  With this experience and background, Halo is constantly creating and implementing solid cost effective solutions for nearly every type of business.  Halo evaluates all costs and many times finds a technology solution that will pay for itself.
We sincerely appreciate all the testimonials and referrals that we get from our satisfied clients. We do not post them publicly, as the nature of our business requires confidentiality and high moral integrity when safeguarding client information.

About James Funtas: There are very few people with the unique and diverse experience in the technology field as James Funtas. His extensive experience in the technological consulting field spans from being well versed in several types of mainframes to the latest current technology trends.

James has been a technology integrator for over 20 years. As a “Road Warrior” and expert hands-on technician, he’s in the trenches, solving problems and providing solutions. During his many years of professional experience, James has attained a vast amount of knowledge. He is able to zero in on the most effective solution the first time for each client. Experience, deductive reasoning, and “divide and conquer” troubleshooting techniques are the tools that James brings to each problem situation. Strong vendor management skills and driving resolution are where the differences between James and other IT Consultants become apparent. His ability to “power through” to the point where most give up or make youthful mistakes, make him your ideal partner in technology.

Make Halo Technology Solutions your choice for your technological needs. You can rest assured your business  in professional hands!


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